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Clarity Development

Clarity Development works with churches, charities and businesses to enable and resource leaders in their role. Through one-to-one coaching and group training, leaders develop skills, understanding, competence and confidence.

Everything Clarity Development does is practical, tailored to the organisation and relevant to the issues and challenges that need to be addressed. Leaders identify personal action plans and make themselves accountable for changes in behaviours, attitudes and actions. Clarity Development believes that as leaders flourish their colleagues, teams and customers have the opportunity to flourish too.

Clarity Development - Conflict


Clarity Development resources leaders to enable healthy conflict and constructive problem solving through non-anxious leadership, open and honest discussion, clear speaking and good listening. We work with leaders in groups and through coaching and with leadership teams to develop skills and confidence to disagree well and build strong, open relationships when making tough decisions.

Our mediators work with churches experiencing conflict by supporting church leaders and congregations as they journeying through conflict, developing new ways of doing things and addressing issues. Clarity Development believes it is possible for conflict to be a time of transformation.

Leadership Resilience in Conflict

Leadership Resilience in Conflict

Sandra Cobbin’s Grove Booklet ‘Leadership resilience in conflict’ is a helpful resource for anyone in leadership.

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“Too many church leaders experience times of paralysis because of conflict, I hope this booklet will be a gift to unknot that straitjacket for many of them. Sandra invites us to reflect with her theologically, to use tools forged in the wisdom of experience, but beyond this to have faith that when faced with conflict we need not be afraid.”
Rev’d Naomi Nixon Diocesan Learning Adviser
(Ministerial Development), Diocesan
Training Partnership, Diocese of Coventry
“One of the greatest challenges in running a Christian charity is that many expect perfection, but we are part of a broken world; we are broken people. Conflict invites us into the Lord’s redemptive plan. I highly recommend Leadership Resilience in Conflict; it won’t eliminate conflict, but it will help you engage with it more redemptively.”
Michael O’Neill Chief Executive, Stewardship
Clarity Development - Coaching


One-to-one coaching helps leaders develop specific skills and insights. Specific actions are identified in each session with accountability built into the regular coaching relationship. The coach encourages the leader to identify solutions and changes in response to specific needs and brings models, ideas and suggestions for discussion and exploration.

Clarity Development accompanies a number of leaders in a time of transition to a new role. The coaching relationship provides a safe space to explore how the leader will inhabit the new role, to develop skills and abilities and to discuss challenges and problems with a trusted, experienced person outside the situation.

Training Workshops

Learning in groups ensures a balance of input of new ideas and skills with the sharing of experience from others. Practical training roots models and new approaches in the realities of life enabling the group to explore the possibilities of what can be different. Where possible training is linked to measurable results; training involves personal and sometime organisational action plans. Leaders are encouraged to establish relationships of accountability with colleagues.

Clarity Development provides a wide range of training workshops on leadership and management, all of which are tailored to the organisation, including - leading change, time management, getting the best from others, dealing with difficult people, time management and personal well-being, leading strategic planning. Models and ideas are chosen for their relevance and fit with the organisation and the issues.

Clarity Development - Myers Briggs

Myers Briggs

Myers Briggs is a personality profiling tool which helps us understand ourselves and others better. Myers Briggs does not seek to box or label the person, but rather to release them into being more fully themselves whilst releasing those around them to be more fully themselves.

Clarity Development uses Myers Briggs in training and coaching, developing understanding of self and others. Myers Briggs creates a shared understanding and vocabulary to strengthen teams and enables leaders and teams to flourish.

Clarity Development - Ministerial Development Review

Ministerial Development Review

The opportunity to step away from the demands of the role, reflect with another person on the last year and look forward with them to the coming year can be a fruitful, encouraging, challenging and worthwhile experience. Clarity Development has been involved in the design and implementation of a number of MDR Schemes in different Dioceses. Clarity Development trains Reviewers and Reviewees for a wide range of MDR Schemes and reviews existing Schemes making recommendations to develop schemes further.

Sandra is a Reviewer for the Archbishops’ MDR for Bishops and helped develop and pilot this scheme. She has been involved in the national training programme for those leading MDR in Dioceses.

About Clarify Development

About Clarify Development

Sandra Cobbin

Sandra Cobbin is the lead trainer and coach for Clarity Development, with many years experience as a manager she brings hands-on experience of leadership and management. Sandra has been delivering training and coaching for over 20 years - in a wide range of sectors, with a variety of organisations - from small retail and service businesses to national organisations. Sandra has a number of associates, who bring specialist skills to the work of Clarity Development.

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